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I have a huge selection of fabrics for Figure & Bikini! I’ll custom design your suit, and I also always have new & pre-owned suits in stock, for sale or for rent.

Pam's Posing Classes in Nashua

You've built up an amazing physique - now you need to present it!

Proper posing is just as important as a great physique. The more you practice it, the more natural it becomes, and the more confident you become. Plus, it's important that you know the posing guidelines from one organization to another, so that when you go on stage, you present yourself perfectly.

I hold regular posing classes in Nashua, open for everyone.

Contest Prep, Personal Training & Weight Loss

Whether you want to take your first step into the wonderful world of physique contests, or you've competed many times, my husband Michael offers a fully customized workout and nutrition program that's perfectly suited to you and your goals.

With continuous monitoring, assessing, and adjusting, his Team K contest prep will get you perfectly peaking for competition day.

Michael has also been a personal trainer since 2000 and was part of the inaugural group to become a Diet Doc Licensee. He specializes in providing highly individualized nutrition, weight loss, and fitness services to his clients to help them achieve their health and fitness goals.